Great for Grads

We relish the enthusiasm and fresh viewpoints that graduates bring to our culture. Our graduate programme is well organised, dynamic and rewarding. Hundreds of graduates seek jobs every year. If you’re accepted, we’ll offer you opportunities to experience a range of specialisations and to choose the career path that best plays to your strengths.

We know that choosing a specialisation in your first few years can be difficult. Most roles in our graduate programme involve rotations through both commercial and litigation teams so you’ll finish your first year with experience in both areas. Our graduates find this hugely beneficial because it helps them decide their future path.

We believe, wholeheartedly, in working sustainably. That means putting in the extra time when an important case or opinion is due but also having the flexibility to pursue interests and hobbies. It’s what keeps our teams fresh, focused and full of interesting ideas.

Our comprehensive graduate programme is designed to give you the best possible start in your career.  It includes:

  • Commercial and litigation rotation
  • Ongoing training, education, and constructive feedback
  • Regular peer-group meetings
  • Multiple levels of support from peers, colleagues, partners and other professionals
  • Support and payment for the completion of your professional study
  • Challenging and interesting work opportunities, including interaction with clients from early on
  • Competitive remuneration and benefit package

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Deadlines for graduate and summer clerk applications

Applications for the 2019 graduate and 2018/2019 summer clerk positions have now closed.